Two Airbus A380s on the ramp at Heathrow

Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines A380s at London Heathrow

Shot for Airbus

A400M on it's first visit to Filton, Bristol

Shot for Airbus

British Airways 747

Shot on location at London Heathrow

A380 cleaning crew

Shot for Airbus

Feeld. - Zen Master

My role focuses on bringing clarity and asking questions to ensure that the apps get built as efficiently as possible, with a focus on improving how the organisation works across all circles. I act as a hybrid Product Owner/Scrum Master, facilitating Sprint Planning meetings, and keeping the Backlogs for all apps in line.

Find out how Feeld is making dating better, for everyone. Feeld.

Party at the Natural History Museum

Shot for Landaid

Broadgate Tower Abseil

Shot for LandAid

Roast Restaurant Exterior

Shot for Roast Restaurant, London

Roast Restaurant Interior

Shot for Roast Restaurant, London

Apple and Raspberry Crumble

Shot for Sam's Brasserie, London

Emirates Airline Cable Car, London

Shot for LapseLondon 2014, a crowdsourced timelapse event. Watch the video, and read about LapseLondon over on Wired.

Triggertrap - Head of Product

My role as Head of Product was to make Triggertrap products even more awesome for photographers. This involved working on new and exciting features, making sure the Triggertrap Mobile apps are easy to use, and as bug free as possible, and helping customers out with some of their more challenging questions.

I also worked on the Ada Kickstarter project, bringing it to the point of production before the decision was taken to cancel the project.

Dyson Ball

Test shoot

Cardboard Box

Test shoot

London South Bank University - K2 Signage

A collaborative effort between several photography degree students at London South Bank University. Creating signage and a large print for the newly-constructed K2 building, using photographs taken during the construction of the building.

Old Market - Hereford

Shot for Stanhope Plc

Castle View School - Cladding Design

Cladding design, in conjunction with Art Impact


Shot for NME


Shot for London City Airport

Beach Volleyball, Canary Wharf

Shot for Action for Kids